I Can’t Breathe without you

I can’t breathe without you.

I can’t breathe without your touch.

I can’t breathe without your kiss.

I can’t breathe without your smile.

I can’t breathe without your gentle strokes against my body.

I can’t breathe without your arms wrapped around me to protect me, to embrace me, to caress me.

I can’t breathe without your warm body pressed against mine.

I can’t breathe without your love.

I can’t breathe without your electrifying touch of your lips that excites my body from head to toe.

I can’t breathe without you.


Photo credits: Black Love via Pinterest

This poetry can vibe read in Beautifully Said Magazine written and owned by Letrise Carter and will be featured in poetry book in 2016.

NOVEL TEASER ALERT #1- Daniel Jackson love life trivia Volume I Chpt Relationship checklist for her dream husband

Deidra stops to talk with Dani about what she wants from her ideal husband. Deidra is always being nosey into everyone’s relationships but her own. Deidra asks, so Dani what exactly are you looking for in a husband? Now, before you respond, I need you to think about what I am asking you. Dani laughs because she knows it gets to Deidra. Dani I am serious, this is someone you will want to spend the rest of your life with… so think about what I am asking you.

Dani hesitates a bit because she has to think about her list that she promised to burn. Dani says, hmmm… he has to be whole, humble, handsome, six-pack, physically fit, blessed or should I say big feet or big hands (she smirks), and a smile that will light up a room when he enters. Oh, and I need him to have good teeth and good hygiene. This is only the first part of my list, though my heart’s desire for the man of my dreams is to be more than handsome, financially stable, and great in bed. Did I say, “Great in Bed”. (Dani Laughs), I don’t have time to do any teaching for sex 101. I need him to be captivating, alluring and secure with himself. I love for him to walk into a room and just by his presence demand the attention of every person in the room.

I want a man who will support my dreams, inspire me, encourage me, and teach me how to love him and allow me to teach him how to love me. I want him to be him to be able to kiss me and set my entire body on fire from head to toe… Dani.. Dani.. Deidra calls out her name as (she gets lost in her dream man’s land.) You do know that you are not going to get all that on your little list, Deidra explains. Why not? Dani asks.. You might get a few things on that list says Deidra.. Well, Sex better be in the top three on my list or it’s a wrap.. See, little sister this is exactly why you are still single.

Are you intrigued with the snippet?

All snippets are copyrighted 2015 and owned by Letrise Carter (former pen name Mya Diamonds.)

This is a snippet from the debut novel Daniel Jackson Love life Volume I due out late summer/early fall 2015.

NOVEL Excerpt TEASE#2-Daniel Jackson love life trivia Volume I-excerpt Chpt 2 A love letter to Chase

Dani looks out at Chase with a smile on her face as if he is the only man on this earth.  Grandma Hattie walks into the room quietly and unnoticed by Dani. She watches Dani as she looks out the window at Chase running down the street for his usual run to the track field at the high school.
Dani turns around to see Grandma Hattie standing there with a smile on her face. She says, baby you are falling in love with this man and it’s only been three months… My My My… How times flies when you’re having fun and falling in love.

Dani smiles and says yes but I want to fall in love like it was the very first time.  Grandma I wrote this request like prayer to God about Chase. Can you read it and tell me your thoughts? Sure baby, let me see it and grab my glasses of my dresser in my room. Dani runs down the hall into Grandma Hattie’s bedroom to get her reading glasses. She returns to her room and hand the eye glasses to Grandma Hattie who is now sitting on the bed.

Grandma Hattie reads  Dani’s prayer for Love to God out loud.

Fall in love I want to fall in love and embrace the true meaning of real love that is truly unconditional. Love that is unconditional like that between a mother and child. A love that is unspoken intimacy that electrifies your mind, body, and spirit.  I want to fall in love with a man’s soul. I want to capture his love in a way that no woman had ever earned. I want to fall in love with his spirit and his character. I want to fall in love with his smile and his touch. I want to fall in love with his heart unconditionally. I want to fall in love for the very first time with my one and only destined true love that God has handpicked just for me. I want to fall in love with my soul mate. I want to fall in love for eternity. I want to fall in love and cross over into heaven with him. I want to fall in love.
Dani, this is beautiful baby! I see you have eliminated that horrible checklist that you had six months ago… Oh no Grandma that list is not gone all the way, there are a few things on it and a few things I took off. Like what Dani? Because reading this beautiful love letter request to God. This checklist of love is nothing like that checklist you ranted off to your sister Deidra. This love letter request and prayer that you writing to God makes sense and is everything a woman should have when you recognizes true love and a real man that God has placed before her. I think you need to burn that relationship checklist and stick to this love letter and prayer request to God.  Think about what I am saying to you. Besides, I see how you look at Chase when he is going for a run or when he walking out to his car. Baby, you’re falling in love with the man God sent you already and you can’t see that he done already answered this love letter or prayer request for love that you call it.  Open your eyes baby and you will open your heart to true unconditional love.
All excerpts and snippets are copyrighted 2015 and owned by Letrise Carter former pen name Mya Diamonds. This is a snippet from the debut novel Sister’s Secret-A Love Story due out late summer/early fall 2015

Welcom to My Author’s Page

Welcome to my author’s page.  I am transferring content from my former pen name blog Mya Diamonds.  I will be sharing excerpts from my new novel that is anitcipated coming out early winter 2016.  I will also being sharing some of my poetry, deep thoughts, and novel snippets. I am a freelance writer and blogger on a couple of blog platforms that you should check out on the Sisters Site tab.    I have a few projects that I am apart of that I will be sharing with my audience.

My first novel is Deceitful-Playing With Fire.  It’s a love story which is apart of a series that will take you on a journey of love, trials, deceit, scandal, drama, and most important love.  I will share synopsis from new novels in the works as well with my audience as we take this beautiful journey together.

I am very excited to be sharing my novels, events, book launching, interviews, and book signing in the coming months.

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