Featured Magazines

As a freelance writer, Letrise had articles featured in Sistah’s Place Magazine, Caution Magazine, and in Beautifully Said Magazine (online/print magazine).

Magazine issues:

October 2021 https://www.magcloud.com/user/sistahsplace7

May 2018


April 2018– Feature interviews


February 2018

Behind the Scenes Spotlight:


March Madness 2018 interviews


September 2017

Influential People:  Article written about Bonita Fahy.  http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1230350?__r=724253&s=w

Influential People Magazine

Caution Magazine-www.magcloud/user/caution magazine.com

August 2015 Issue –

Article -Are You My Sister’s Keeper? & Exclusive Farwell to Bobbie Kristina
July 2015 Issue- article:  My Black Is Beautiful: A Sister’s Journey

June 2015 issue- Article Why Do Black Women Compete With One Another?

Letrise Carter is always pursuing freelance opportunities to write for magazine.  Her goal is to have a positive impact on women to inspire them to step out on faith, pursue their dreams, uplift another woman, reach back to teach younger generation.