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Deceitful Secrets

Chapter 1

The alarm goes off at 6 a.m. I hit snooze for ten more minutes. I see my husband Devin does not move. I know he heard that alarm clock going off because he just rolls over and pulls the comforter over his head. I lie here, thinking of messing with him, but change my mind. We had a gorgeous night last night of passionate lovemaking.

Besides, I can’t be late for work this morning. I have way too much to do at the office. I roll over and look at the clock; it seems like time is just standing still, for its only 6:05 a.m. So, I guess I will just get up. I reach over to turn the snooze off and get out of bed. I could leave it on. Maybe then Devin will be forced to get his tail out of bed.

I walk into our huge master bathroom, which any woman could live in for days, with a separate Jacuzzi tub equipped with the best vibrating, relaxing, high power turbo jets one could dream of. Let’s not forget the shower with not one but two shower heads facing opposite walls. You can just stand there and let the hot water hit your body in all the right spots. I look back towards the bed; no movement from my husband. I gave it to him so good last night that I knocked him right out. I pat myself on the back with big smile for a job well done. I am going to have to tell him about this powerful knock-out sex when he wakes up. I wash my hands before I get into my morning routine of brushing my teeth and washing my caramel face.

Afterwards, I reach over to turn the shower on; still no Devin. He doesn’t even moan with the shower going. Usually when I turn the water on, he comes right in to join me in the shower. This man cannot still be that sound asleep. So I shower and take my time, hoping that Devin will wake up to the running water and join me. Hell, I’ve been in here for fifteen minutes and my husband does not make his way out of that bed. I reach over to turn the shower off and wrap myself in towel. I walk out of the master bathroom only to see Devin still asleep.

This man is so sexy while he sleeps that it makes you want to run over and mount him like the sexy stallion he is. I mean, he is light-skinned, with a goatee and six-pack abs, standing 6’4 with that fine baby hair every woman desires. He is built right in all the right places. I think to myself, Damn, I did good. But I got to stop before I make myself late and him too. Lord have mercy on my mind this morning, but thank you for my husband. I do feel blessed to have him and will do everything to keep him.

I call out his name and he just moans something I cannot make out; it sounds foreign to me. Devin rolls over to face me with that I don’t want to get out of bed look.

I say, “Get up, you will be late again.”

“I feel like playing hooky this morning, Taylor, and you should join me. You look sexy as hell in that towel, standing there dripping wet.” Devin smiles and blinks his eyes to focus more on my naked body.

So, I do what most women would in this situation so early in the morning: I drop my towel and smile at him so he can get out of the bed.

Devin raises up then pulls the comforter back for me to join him.

I shake my head, saying no. “I need you to get out of bed to get ready for work. You will make us both late and I got way too much to do.”

Devin, being his sexy self, motions me to look at his completely naked body as he removes the sheets and lets me know his entire body is fully awake now.

Then he gives me that look, that he not taking no for an answer look and removes the comforter from the bed. The man stands up, completely naked, as his tool of reasoning. How can I resist this man’s body and all its glory this early in the morning? Lord help me and give me strength for what is about to come to the surface.  His caramel body has a sexy glow, along with his cut-up six pack, gun-packing arms, and legs that define him like a God. Lord help me, this man is going to make me late for work again.

I smile at him, knowing what is about to go down at 6:30 a.m. on a Monday morning. I shake my head no while giggling like a school girl. I am always memorized by my husband’s gorgeous physique. Oh, let’s not forget his picture-perfect smile that hypnotizes you for days.  I start backing up to the bathroom, slowly waving my hands at Devin to stop him from coming towards me. He just laughs at my commands as he continues walking towards me, standing at a heavenly 6’4 and 220 pounds of pure ecstasy.

Devin knows his bedroom eyes and smile gets me into trouble every time. I made the mistake of locking eyes and now I find myself on the wall of our eloquent shower. Devin aligns his body with mine, allowing me to feel the hardness of his manhood. He whispers in my ear, “I just need a sweet treat this morning…You, baby…Let me taste you.”

“You are so greedy, Devin Jackson, but I do love you. You better not make me late for work this morning.”

“I can have you when I want to, you are my wife. Now be quiet and let me give you what your body is calling for me to do.”  I tilt my head back, as Devin has me positioned in a unique stance that has my entire body moaning. His manhood has entered me and I can feel each stroke as he lifts me up in the perfect angle for the morning ride of a lifetime. He moves closer to the shower head and turns it on to allow the hot water to hit our bodies as he lifts and strokes me in a hypnotic rotation that makes me moan and scream. He knows when I am about to reach my peak, so his strokes become faster and harder.

The best morning treat a man could get from his wife. He smiles as we both reach our ultimate climax. He reaches for the bathe sponge to wash my back and body while I allow the hot water to fall upon us. Afterwards, Devin watches all 5’3 of my wet body walk out of the shower into the bedroom while he finishes taking his shower. I look over at the clock and it’s 7 a.m. I say to myself, Good I don’t have to rush. For the first time, we only did it for twenty minutes.

Usually it’s a good forty-five minutes to an hour of hot sex that makes you fall asleep. You know, that good sex that knocks you out. I turn around to see Devin showering away and I just smile at him. “Now I can get dressed for work and make us some breakfast so we both can be on time for work today,” I say.

He can be loud at times, forgetting we do have neighbors. He yells from the shower, “You’re a boss, so why do you worry about stuff like that, baby?”

“You know I don’t like being late, Devin. I must set an example for my staff. I can’t keep preaching to them about being on time if I am always late.”

“Woman, are you complaining that you got some loving this morning?”

“No, I am not complaining at all. Our sex life is amazing and I love you to pieces for it.”

Devin pokes his head out the shower only to tell me that he loves me right back. He is too cute at times. It’s funny how different he and his brother Kelly are. I don’t know why Kelly just popped into my head. Who knows, he must be talking about me. At least, that’s what my grandma used to say when you thought of someone out of the blue.

I walk into our master closet to get dressed while Devin finally steps out of the shower. I bet he ran through all the hot water. He always does; that’s why I never get in the shower after him. My shower would be cold.

Devin wraps a white towel around his waist and tiptoes into the closet behind me, only to startle me. Sometimes, I think I married a big kid instead of a grown man. Devin laughs at me then spanks me on the butt. Walking over to his side of the closet, I can feel him looking back at me, so I just smile. He looks at me with that smile only to say, “You up for round 3?”

“Rain check, baby, we will get it in tonight,” I say as I snap on a black bra that matches my lace silk panties.

“Ok, you know, we should play hooky today and both be home sick. Stay home, have lots of sex, eat, snack, sex, sleep, and eat again. You know I love waking you up out your sleep.”

“Devin Jackson, we are not skipping work today.”

We did that our first two years of marriage and I think my boss caught on to my sick days in the middle of the week.

“Hell, woman, we been married for three years. You act like we your parents. We are not like your parents, only having sexual relations on special occasions. Your mama is wrong for that.”

“Devin, stop that foolish nonsense coming out your mouth. You don’t know how many times my parents had sex.”

“Stop that, it’s disgusting…”

“You’re talking about my parent’s sex life!”

“Taylor Louise Jackson, that is how you got here. Hell, that’s how we both got here… it was not a wish and that little lie about a bird some parents told their kids was more than a white lie… Hell, that was just a cruel ass lie to tell your kids.”

“What the hell does that have to do with my mom and dad?”

“My bad, but your pops had sex for sure with your mom at least three times.”

“What, Devin? Shut up!”

“I know this for a fact.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do too… They got three kids, right?” I roll my eyes at Devin and he laughs, then we both find ourselves laughing at his crazy sense of humor.


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Deceitful Secrets has a new release date

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I am planning a book blog tour, interviews magazines, book promoters, influence bloggers, and late summer/fall book signing tour. This is going to be a phenomenal year for me as writer and published author. I am a woman who feels empowered by God’s grace and mercy. I have walked into my Devine purpose and destiny. Follow your dreams and believe in you.

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Deceitful Secrets Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Finally, I am dressed, wearing a pair of black, wide-legged dress pants with a silk print blouse that compliments my figure from all sides. I look in the mirror, trying to decide if I will go with a neutral eyeshadow or a color that will pop and accent my honey-colored eyes and high cheekbones. Devin stands there, admiring me because I am his beautiful wife. I unwrapped my hair after applying my Mac make-up.

I look up, only to see Devin staring extremely hard in amusement, like I am a dream come true. I ask, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Devin says, “You are so beautiful. I would have never imagined a girl like you marrying a guy like me. I am a bad boy from a damn good family, but that didn’t matter to you. You loved me anyway! Sometimes I don’t even think I am worthy to be your husband.”

“Baby, why are you saying those things?”

“No reason, just no reason.”

“Well, I married a good man with a good heart and head on his shoulders. I am done with my face. Do you have time for breakfast?”

“No, I got to meet Kelly for a breakfast meeting downtown that I might be late getting to.”

“Well, okay then, don’t be late. You know how your father is about promptness.”

“Yes, I know, Taylor, don’t remind me. I might be a little late for dinner, but we can meet for lunch today at 1 p.m. Is that a good time for you?”

“Yes, let’s meet down by Navy Pier and eat at one of those restaurants.”

“Let’s meet at DMK Burger Bar & Fish Bar at 1 p.m.”

“Ok, honey, text me if you’re running late, then I will order drinks for us.”

“Taylor, I promise I will let you know if I am running late… I promise, baby.”

“Okay, well, I am going to make me some breakfast.”

“Oh, I see you greedy this morning.”

“What, Devin?”

“You are greedy, eating breakfast twice huh?”

“Oh, my goodness, I can’t with you this morning. You got jokes. Now you know I have not eaten anything this morning. I have been playing with you since 6:30 a.m.

Devin is now laughing at me as I turn around with my arms folded. “Okay.” I play along for the hell of it. “So, what did I eat so early this morning, Devin?”

“Baby, you had me this morning.” He grins from ear to ear.

“You are crazy,” I say and I walk out the room.

I head out the bedroom to the kitchen downstairs. I flip the light switch on in the kitchen and reach over to turn on the Keurig machine and make me one cup of coffee. While I prepare myself a bowl of hot oatmeal with fresh strawberry and bananas cut up in my bowl. I grab my coffee with hazelnut, adding cream and sugar. I walk over to bar to sit down to eat my mini-breakfast when Devin comes downstairs looking sexy and handsome in his tailored suit.

In my mind, I am thinking, This man can truly hang and wear a suit, especially chocolate… Hell any color looks good on him. All the while, I smile at him; he has no clue I am reminiscing back to when we first met. Lost in deep thought, Devin sneaks a kiss and I laugh, ending my daydreaming time.

“Devin, do you remember how we met?”

“Yes, I do. You came to my game with my brother, Kelly.”

“Who would have thought I would have married the Capitan of the Grambling’s State Tigers Basketball team? You know you were showing out on the court, trying to impress me.”

“Oh really, is that what you think, Taylor? Let me make me a cup of coffee to go while you stroll down memory lane. The truth of the matter is, I was trying to see if you and my brother were together as a couple.”

“No, you were not.”

“Yes, I was because y’all were always together when you came to my games at Grambling.”

“Are you being funny this morning Devin?”

“No, honey, I am just calling it like I saw it back then. Besides, I don’t have anything to worry about, I married you.”

“Yes, you did, and you better remember that I am your wife.”

“By the way, I was never Kelly’s type.”

“Woman, my brother doesn’t have a type…he just likes a certain kind of woman…” We both laugh at his crazy sense of reasoning.

“That’s a type, no matter how you define it, honey. You and your brother are a hot mess at times.”

“Yes, but you love us both… All the creole and black in the world couldn’t stop you from loving all this finesse and good hair.”

“Oh, we full of ourselves this morning, I see.

“Ha-ha…Well, baby I love to continue going down memory lane with you, but I got to go or I will be late. So, let me have a kiss to tide me over to lunch time.” He walks around to the bar, kisses me goodbye, and walks out the door.

About fifteen minutes later, I finish my oatmeal while remembering the good old days when I met Devin. I used to ride to Louisiana with Kelly from Loyola University in Chicago for spring break, homecoming, and let’s not forget championship games. I really thought Devin was going pro to play for the Chicago Bulls. That was one of his biggest dreams. To play on the team of his all-time favorite player, Michael Jordan. Then reality checked in and its name was Thomas Jackson, my business-minded, detailed, driven, focused, millionaire father-in-law.

He slapped Devin with reality when he didn’t get drafted into the NBA. Mr. Jackson had rules in his house for his two sons. You get an education and you can work for his company, or work for someone else and build their dream. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Thomas. He did good by his boys, who are now grown and successful men.

Deceitful Secrets -Autographed copy