Open Your Eyes Child

Open your eyes child and stop walking around in darkness.

Sometimes we walk around in the dark not knowing what the future holds placing limitations and boundaries upon our lives.

Open your eyes child, it’s not man that has placed these boundaries before you so stop blaming him.  It is you that has brought about these boundaries and limitations because your eyes are close.

Open your eyes and take the leap of faith and trust God.

Open your eyes child to see a brighter future with endless possibilities.

Sometimes we walk around with our eyes closed struggling to see the light to greatness that is planted deep within us.

Open your eyes child it’s time to release the fear and soar like an eagle.

You were created as a masterpiece in God’s eyes to do great works.

Open your eyes child and walk into your purpose and live out your destiny.
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Finally, I Realized- (Answer to “I Got Lost in Man”)

The answer to “I Got Lost in a Man”.  

Finally, I had to realize that God comes first and accept that he will make all my dreams, desires, wants, and needs come true not that of a man.

Therefore, I should not get lost in a man who was not lost in love with God or me.

I finally realized that I need to love me first so that I don’t give so much of me that I get lost in a man.  I got lost in a man once now it’s time for me to get lost and in love with God so that he can truly bless me with a man who will not be afraid to get lost in love this woman.

You cannot get lost in a man when a man is not lost in you.

Love requires two people going in the same direction of love.

So, no more will I be lost in a man.

All works published belongs to the author Letrise Carter (Copyrighted 2014-2015).

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I got lost in a Man

For all those that have loved someone whole heartily and you found yourself lost in him/her.

I gave him my undivided attention and my devoted time.

I gave him my heart and my soul.

I got lost in a man.

I gave him all of my energy and my strength.

He was my “everything” and I breathed and slept this man.

I got lost in a man.

I placed him first and friends last.

I treasured every moment and every second together with him.

I dreamed of him every night for he was all that I wanted and all that I needed.

I forgot about the principles of love and the principles of respect for me.

I yearned for his affection and for his attention.

I got lost in a man.

No one came before him not even myself.

I found myself slipping because my spirit was lost in the valley.

I was walking on a one way highway of love.

I was headed down the road to failure.

I was crossing a one way street to love and selfishness.

I found myself being last and not first.

I found myself loving him more than I loved myself.

He was the air that I breathed and the sugar that I craved.

I wanted more of him than what he could give to me.

I got lost in a man.

The love that I wanted was not realistic.

I was in love with a man more than he was in love with me.

I loved him more than I loved myself.

My heart ached for this man.

The more I missed him the more I wanted him.

He knew how to reel me in with his smooth talking.

I got lost in a man.

All works published belongs to the author Letrise Carter (Copyrighted 2014-2015).

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Who am I?

For all my beautiful sisters, know who you are and who you belong to and remember, You are a Masterpiece created to do greatness.

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Who am I?

I am a beautiful shade of brown, caramel, honey, and even chocolate

I am a crafted Masterpiece of art that is uniquely designed for GREATNESS

I am created with a Purpose distinctively for me

I am confident and secure within me

I am humble and stand with humility

I am  loved and I am blessed with favor

Who am I?

I am a grown woman of substance

I am the beautiful swan that graces the waters

I am the beautiful angel that soars above the clouds

Who am I?

A beautiful black woman created for greatness to walk in a divine favor to know her Purpose.

I am the daughter of a King

All works published writings belongs to the author Letrise Carter (Copyrighted 2014-2015).

I Can’t Breathe without you

I can’t breathe without you.

I can’t breathe without your touch.

I can’t breathe without your kiss.

I can’t breathe without your smile.

I can’t breathe without your gentle strokes against my body.

I can’t breathe without your arms wrapped around me to protect me, to embrace me, to caress me.

I can’t breathe without your warm body pressed against mine.

I can’t breathe without your love.

I can’t breathe without your electrifying touch of your lips that excites my body from head to toe.

I can’t breathe without you.


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This poetry can vibe read in Beautifully Said Magazine written and owned by Letrise Carter and will be featured in poetry book in 2016.