Sunday Inspiration: Rise above your Devastation

I thought I drop by with a little Sunday inspiration for all my readers and followers. Have you ever had a sermon touch your spirit so hard that you revisited your “Why”? Well, that happened to me last Sunday when I watched Transformation Church out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pastor Todd preached topic surrounded not living in your devastation. This caused med to reflect on the devastation that I went through these last two years and come to a conclusion my real reason for truly writing the Lucy Mason Series.

The series parts, Worth, Faith, and Heart are all variables that resonated with me along my journey to healing. Take a listen to my video that I made today. I am sharing my story, my journey, and my own testimony to Rising Above my own Devastation.

What am I reading in March that is Inspiring?

What am I reading that is inspiring? I am reading Tyrease Gibson “How to Get Out Of Your Own Way”.  This book is awesome and truly inspiring and I can related to some of the chapters as they have you sitting back thinking about your life, your business,your dreams, and your vision, and your career.

As I was reading his book, I decided to share some information from the book that is mind blowing and empowering. We all have been there or know someone who has been in the scenario or environment.

Here are some tidbits to get out of your own way so that you can walk into your purpose and excel to having a better life.

  1. How much do you love yourself?
  2. Are you a master of your environment?
  3. Who are your 5 people?
  4. What is your purpose?
  5. Are you ready for the next level?
  6. What’s your bottom line?

These of course are chapter titles that I actually make you think about your answers as Tyrese goes into details and use examples.  I can honestly sit answer these questions with ease because all these questions are apart of growning so that you can go to the next level.  I love me enough to eliminate negative people out of my life who are not adding value to my life.  Now, I have heard the question a couple years ago regading who are your 5 people in your cirlce.  I had to look back at the people in my life and truly examine those five people.  I discovered my purpose 2 years ago and it’s been an amazing journey.  It’s true when you walk into your purpose there will be some folks that you leave behind and some who will never understand your position or purpose.  I relate Tyrese’s bottom line with, what’s your tolerance level.  As you mature, your tolerence for ignorance, bull crap, negatie energy and negative talk from people will have a zero tolerane.  It’s important to surround yourself with people doing what you would love to do or trying to get into.

More to come on this book and getting out of your own way.  That wonderful friend some call Self-sabotage creeps into opportunities that cross your paths.  It’s time to get out of your own way so that you can have a better life.  I have 3 chapters left and this just hit my heart.  You know when it comes to you, one must keep writing.   Think about the questions above?  Can you honestly answer them?

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Q&A with Author Letrise Carter

Welcome to Q&A with Letrise Carter a new author writing my first novel and business woman that is purpose driven.  Being a woman with big dreams and big vision creates opportunities in a wide area to do nothing but greatness.  I am woman who firmly believes in chasing your dreams with an executed plan, goals that are driven by dates, and mentors who are willing to teach, guide, and be a resource of knowledge, inspiration, and motivation.

Besides having multiple blog platforms and new business ventures.  I have been exposed to some great men and women in film, television, publishing, and business

Below are a few questions about the author in me.

What is the name of your debut novel?

The name of my first debut novel is called Deceitful-Playing with Fire.

When can we expect the novel to drop?

I am anticipating the novel to dropping late Spring 2016.

What is the story about?

The story is about a woman name Taylor Jackson who is married to a bad boy Devin Jackson who still trying to find his place in his father’s company. While he is extremely handsome he can’t seem to keep his eyes and hands off other women. His brother Kelly is Taylor’s best friend from high school and college and he is always getting little brother out of trouble. She confides in Kelly about everything and one night they unlock the doors from their past that Devin is not aware of. That one night unlocks feelings that Kelly has always had.  It’s filled with drama and twists that will have you fall in and out of love with Devin, Taylor, and Kelly.

How did you choose the title?

I kept writing and allowed the characters to choose the title for me as the story unfolded.

What genre do you prefer to write?

I enjoy writing romance with plots and twists that keep my audience intrigued in that story.

What is your inspiration for writing?

My inspiration for writing is life experiences, dreams, and friend’s love/drama stories.

Are you publishing thru publishing company or self-publish?

I am self-publishing my first novel while searching for literary agent for future projects.

What made you decide to write your first novel?

I have wanted to write my first novel for at least three years. I use to write short stories back in high school and college. My dream of being a writer got deferred when I became a mother. But then a year and half ago, I started blogging and that pushed me to share my stories. Another factor that fused me to writing my first novel was attending and listening to writing seminars in being an author with Nikki Woods’s telecom series “BeAnAuthor”. It was great inspiration and very informative.

What is it about writing that you enjoy and love?

I love being able to express my thoughts and feelings. It allows me at times to escape and allow my imagination to go wild.

Do you plan to write more novels?

Yes, I do plan to write more novels and be a part of a few collaboration projects.

What is your background?

It’s funny that my background is in accounting but it started in journalism/writing. The last 20 years, I have spent it in Accounting. I have a Masters in Financial Management & Accounting from Keller Graduate School of Management with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Lakeland College.

What else can we expect from you as an author, freelance writer, and business woman?

There are some great opportunities coming down the pipeline for me as a writer, author and business woman. I just launched a new business called Sistah’s Creative Media and working on novel collaboration with another author.  After Deceitful-Playing with Fire, I will start working on my next novel “Broken”.  Meanwhile, continuing to interview guests for my Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog and promoting my novel.


What would you like to know about me?

What would you like to know about me? I am sure many have read my about me page.  However, that’s a summary of me. It does not give you a more in depth look at who am I,what I like, what are my dreams, and what is my purpose?

Let me start with the introduction of who am I? I am woman, a sister, a aunt, a friend, and a mother.  I am a writer, a business woman, a visionary, a boss, a queen, a child of God, and a big dreamer with goals that reach beyond the sky that stretch as wide as the ocean.

What do I like and love to do? I like some of everything because I am unique. I love romance, I love black men who are ambitious, goal oriented, driven by purpose, and  determined to leave his mark on this earth to be remembered in a positive light.  I like being in control of my future which helps me to be a light For others. In faith and hopes that I am walking into my destiny to greatness. I like walks in the park and along the beach. I love cooking meals from scratch and being creative. I like baking sweet treats with my daughter and spending time at the spa, movies, or mall with her. I love that I have discovered who I am as a woman.

I love my beauty inside out.  I love reading romance, drama, suspense, and inspirational books. I love collecting knowledge about and on relationships, spiritual journey & walk, and finding your purpose. I love helping others. I like being a light to shine for others to share their gifts and talents.

What are my dreams? I have big dreams that might be too big for some and too little for others. I dream of not just being a published author, but a writer who inspires and touches lives. I dream of being a business woman owning multiple businesses created to help, Inform, transform, and entertain. I dream of being a writer for major networks with hit television series like the Empire and Scandal. I dream of writing hit films that hit the big screen as number one. I dream of owning my own boutique for beautiful and curvatatious black women.

I have big dreams with big visions that require commitment and dedication to rise to the top of your game. This is why I can look out at the ocean an see that it is never ending. It reminds me that my dreams can become real and expand  accross the oceans.  It reminds me that my possibilities can be reach because the sky is the limit.  When I look out at the ocean, I see more than just an endless ocean, but depth of how far my dreams can stretch, reach, and grow. The picture of the ocean tells me I can go anywhere my Dreams take me. The possibilities are endless.  Is it beautiful?  It’s a journey I am excited to be on.  

What is my purpose? My purpose is serving others and being a light that guides, shines, and open doors to opportunities for others. My gift of writing stories about others will inspire dreamers to believe in their dreams and find their purpose. I have been blessed with many gifts and talents that I want to share with the world. To be the light for others to shine on my multiple platforms that I have created over this last year. Whether it is on the entertainment showcase at Sistah’s Place Entertainment, at Maya’s Showcase Blog, at Mia’s Relationship Chronicles, at Sistah’s Chronicles, or Sistah’s Pearls of Wisdom . On one of these platforms is where I share my voice and stories of others to serve the community in a positive manner with interviews,real advice, testimony Articles, team Collaborations, Hot relationship tips and topics. And current issues that affect the community. Sharing my talent to put those on another platform, share their gifts, and talent. My purpose is the best self discovery I could have asked God to reveal to me. I am passionate about my writing and helping others shine. My purpose is empowering others to believe in their dreams, motivating them and inspiring them to awaken their purpose and use those gifts planted within.

Who am I? A woman blessed with a big heart to serve others. To be a blessing to someone who is chasing their dream as I am. But to be an inspiration to someone to believe in themselves and their dreams.  To uplift black men up and speak life into them and over them so that they rise up as the king they were born to be.

To motivate and empower women that it’s never to late to finding out who you are and falling in love with the woman that you were born to become. You are a masterpiece designed my the most high. Therefore, you were bound for greatness from the moment your mother conceived you in her womb.

I am a woman of many talents who hold a dual MBA in Financial Management and Accounting.  I am a writer, a business woman, a masterpiece, and a mother. I am a big dreamer with a big vision. I have goals in place that will make the dreams and bison real.

Have I inspired you yet?
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