About me

Who is Letrise Carter?

I am a single mother with a beautiful daughter.  I believe in chasing your dreams that allow you to love what you do.   After working in Corporate America for over seventeen years, it was time to pursue my dreams of entrepreneurship, authorship, and freelance writer.  Who knew my life would change in 2019 when I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer stage 1 and then in 2020 just as I thought I was finished.  I was diagnosed with my left just shy of one year with stage 2 Breast Cancer.  Can you imagine finishing all your treatments only to get kicked in the face with a second diagnosis?

Yes, it was hard and heartbreaking.  But I had a tribe of support, love, prayers, and my amazing daughter Simone who cheered me on when I didn’t feel up to it.  It was God’s Grace that kept me and he was in control the entire journey.  I will share that story someday.  2021, I am taking my life back and my writing.  God was always in control and he knew the outcome even before me.  I learned a lot about Breast Cancer and how to beat it and take better care of me.  I plan to share that with all my readers and fellow sisters on this journey of survival as a Breast Cancer Advocate.

How I started?

I launched my first blog in August 2014 called Sistah’s Place2 Blog got me to sharing what was on my mind that eventually led to me launching Sistah’s Place Entertainment Showcase in 2016.  My platform would bring exposure to some of the greatest indie, national, and some well known talent in music, film, television, and literary.  In 2018, I decided it was time to turn the online blog into an online magazine platform with digital/print magazine with a amazing group of women who share my vision.

My Blog Platforms

I am the creator of Sistah’s Place Entertainment Showcase, Maya’s Blog Showcase, and Sistah’s Blog. Blogger at  Sistah’s Pearls of Wisdom, and Mia’s Relationship Chronicles. 


I wanted to do more and decided it was time to launch a podcast on blog talk radio show titled Sistah’s Place Blog Talk Radio where I would  interview indie artist  for my entertainment showcase.  It was a phenomenal exposure to talk with men and women in pursuit of their dreams.  It was empowering and inspiring.   Who knew that would be a big hit?  I love talking to people and that has lead to growth and recognition as a podcaster, blogger, and creative as they call us.  In 2021,  I rebranded my podcast to weekly show titled Sistah’s Conversations with Letrise Carter.  Each weeks show is driven by a specific topic every Thursday.  I love to showcase and highlight the projects of many indie artist in film, television, theater, and publishing industry.  Interviewing some of the talented best-selling and national artist in the industry.

The Writer

As a writer, my imagination meets my creativity to give birth to stories of love, deceitful, and drama.  I am creative, big dreamer, and visionary soaring high like an eagle.  The sky is the limit and there is nothing to stop my creative imagination.  She loves how the characters talk to her while they come alive on paper.  Letrise looks forward to writing each day and enjoy reading new, seasoned, and many genres of books.

“It’s never to late to follow your dreams.  God gives us dreams as a glimpse into what he sees for us.  I honestly believe that it’s up to us to make a choice to purse and execute to bring it to reality.   Since my sabbatical, I want to write mystery, drama,  children stories, and inspirational stories that touch the heart and have a lasting impact.” Letrise Carter 

Letrise is a business woman driven by purpose, passion, and inspiration that keeps her motivate to turn dreams to reality.  Her first novella was Deceitful Secrets released October 23, 2017.  There will be more books from me in the near future.  Her biggest accomplishments as a writer was being lead writer for
Caution Magazine, feature writer for Influential People Magazine.


Letrise has written as a freelance writer for Beautifully Said Magazine and featured writer in Caution Magazine.  It’s her dream to write for major magazine like Essence one day, that feature will happen.  Meanwhile, She will continue to grow, nurture, and hone these writing gifts.  Her latest feature article is Influential People Magazine http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1230350?__r=724253&s=w

September 2017 Issue

 Influential People Magazine

My Education/Background

Letrise has anundergraduate degree in in Accounting from Lakeland College and Masters in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.  She has taken courses in writing, social media, website design, marketing, and graphic design.  Letrise has become  a digital media and Brand expert recognized among her peers as a digital media expert and influencer.

Who said, you can’t build an empire when you hit your 40’s.  You are never too old to build a legacy and have an impact on society that is positive.

My mission is to build a platform that will be a light that will shine and serve for others.  To have an impact through storytelling that will empower and educate.