About me

I am a single mother with a beautiful daughter.  I believe in chasing your dreams that allow you to love what you do.   After working in Corporate America for over seventeen years, it was time to pursue my dreams of entrepreneurship, authorship, and freelance writer.   I launched my first blog in August 2014 called Sistah’s Place2 Blog (Re-branding to  Sistah’s Voice) and Sistah’s Place Entertainment Showcase.

I recently launched my blog talk radio show titled Sistah’s Place Blog Talk Radio where I use to interview the talented men and women for my entertainment showcase.  Coming late Spring, I will debut a monthly Blog Talk Radio segment called Sistah’s Voice where it’s about real talk with sisters on topics that grown folks need to keep it real about.

As a writer, my imagination meets my creativity to give birth to stories of love, deceitful, and drama.  I am creative, big dreamer, and visionary soaring high like an eagle in the entertainment industry. I love to showcase and highlight the projects of many indie artist in film, television, theater, and publishing industry. Interviewing some of the talented best-selling and national artist in the industry.  It is my hearts desire and biggest dreams to write for television and film. Someday soon, you will be watching one of my films or television shows.  As well as, reading a mystery drama, or inspirational story written by me.

I have my undergraduate degree in in Accounting from Lakeland College and Masters in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.  I am currently completing my certification in Social Media Management and Website management skills through hands on experience, freelance projects, and classroom training.

I am business woman driven by purpose, passion, and inspiration that keeps me motivate to make my dreams real. With the much anticipate debut novel, Deceitful Secrets to be released October 23, 2017

My Blog Platforms

I am the creator of Sistah’s Place Entertainment Showcase, Maya’s Blog Showcase, and Sistah’s Blog. Blogger at  Sistah’s Pearls of Wisdom, and Mia’s Relationship Chronicles. 

Freelance writer

I have written as a freelance writer for Beautifully Said Magazine and featured writer in Caution Magazine.  It’s my dream to write for major magazines and one day, that feature will happen.  Meanwhile, I will continue to grow, nurture, and hone these writing gifts.  My latest feature article is Influential People Magazine http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1230350?__r=724253&s=w

September 2017 Issue

 Influential People Magazine

Business Entreprenuer:

CEO and founder of Sistah’s Creative Media launched scheduled to open March 1, 2016.

  • Social media manager services
  • Book Promotion Services
  • Promotional Services & Branding

Experience Creative Media-feature film-Christopher Nolen’s Zodiac Sign 2015

Christopher Nolen’s Zodiac Sign 2015

Photo Credits Sources: Caution Magazine, Pinterest 

Who said, you can’t build an empire when you hit your 40’s.  You are never too old to build a legacy and have an impact on society that is positive.

My mission is to build a platform that will be a light that will shine and serve for others.  To be a voice in the community to inform, inspire, educate, and entertain.