New business launch called Sistah’s Creative Media -dream come true

It started out as freelance job opportunity and then to managing three blog platforms. Then it came to me, why not give birth to the dream and give the freelancing a business name.

I sat down wrote the business plan and purchases the domain. It became real for me as I was completing project after project as I defined my business thru my business plan. I saw a need and purpose to launch this business brand as I interviewed authors and directors in the entertainment and publishing industry.

I am very happy to announce the business launch of Sistah’s Creative Media.  My business will offer three types of services plus a consultation service with applicable fees:

  1. Social media management 
  2. Creative media management 
  3. Book promotion service 

The grand opening will be 2-1-16. The website is up but will be fully operational as the final pages will go live by end of January. I am targeting mid-January with pricing packages available. 

I am currently building our client list before grand opening and promoting the business across my current platform. These services are being offered to authors, publishing companies, directors, film production companies, actors, actress, and theatrical productions. 

Check out the Facebook page where I am promoting services and you can inquire on packages and services offered. 

I will have more social media channels on Twitter, Google,Instgram, and LinkedIn in the coming weeks. 

Sistah’s Creative Media
Email inquiries to 

What a way to end the year with the launching of your own media business that your blog platforms will benefit from as well as me an an published author. 

Happy New Year 2016 


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