Readers Reviews

What are the readers saying about the debut novella Deceitful Series on Amazon.


“Letrise Carter came out the gate with a box office hit! You could not tell me I was not watching “Deceitful Secrets” on the big screen! I know and see all the characters as plain as day! If you were not thinking about how powerful sensuality is when it come to relationships, you will think about it while reading this book. They say blood runs thicker than water, in this story, sex runs deeper than loyalty. I really enjoyed reading “Deceitful Secrets” because there are so many ways this plot can go and still have to go. Great job Letrise Carter and I can’t wait for the next book!” Linda Wattley

“Just got my book and already done. A definite page turner. The intricate details make you feel like you are a part of the story line. It holds your attention as it continues to build and leaves you hanging with an ending that leaves you running with your imagination of what’s to come. Great book as well as storyline. Definitely recommend it.” Pamela Jones

“Just purchased this book 12 hours ago and I’m already finished. EXCELLENT READ! I’m looking forward to the sequel!. Definitely a page-turner. I felt as if I were watching a movie and could see very little detail in the characters and their surroundings. WELL DONE!!” Janice Marie