Finally, I Realized- (Answer to “I Got Lost in Man”)

The answer to “I Got Lost in a Man”.  

Finally, I had to realize that God comes first and accept that he will make all my dreams, desires, wants, and needs come true not that of a man.

Therefore, I should not get lost in a man who was not lost in love with God or me.

I finally realized that I need to love me first so that I don’t give so much of me that I get lost in a man.  I got lost in a man once now it’s time for me to get lost and in love with God so that he can truly bless me with a man who will not be afraid to get lost in love this woman.

You cannot get lost in a man when a man is not lost in you.

Love requires two people going in the same direction of love.

So, no more will I be lost in a man.

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