My Black Girl Passion Experience

My Black Girl Passion experience on November 11, 2017 was just amazing.  I know most folks would have posted a blog within one day or so.  However, I need to just take a moment to reflect and celebrate my first book expo.  Black Girl Passion event gave me the opportunity to meet other authors and small business owners.  I am so proud of myself as I went around and introduced myself to every vendor and author at the event.

Black Girl Passion to me means sisterhood, inspiration, empower, and motivation for beautiful black women that look like me following their passion and dreams.  We are a unique women who hold treasures and gifts.  I loved seeing these sisters driven by their gifts and passions.

I must admit I was nervous but I got comfortable as I watched my fellow sisters introduce themselves to guests and new readers.  I learned some pitch skills from my fellow sisters as guests stopped by to inquire about my novella.  It was a great experience as the seasoned authors offered me tips about pitching my book to guests.

I am a new author and this is my first event that I attended since the release of my novel Deceitful Secrets on October 23, 2017.  My daughter set up my table uniquely to showcase my novel to attract new readers.

The set up of the event and the entertainment was beautiful.  I loved KLove The Poet, this sister was dope and deep.  The dance performance was authentic expression of a movement.  The hostesses were phenomenal as they greeted and supported the vendors.

bgp pic 2

I am feeling blessed and thankful for the experience because it was inspiring, empowering, and confirmation for me to keeping soaring high with my dreams and goals as a beautiful black woman. Thank you to the ladies of Book Euphoria for putting together a beautiful event.



What’s new with me?

What’s new with me?  Life sometimes causes you to hit a few walls and few stumbling blocks along the way.  In doing so, lets me know that I am working on something great that must be released and shared with the world.  Though I may have experienced a few setbacks that delayed publishing my novels, I have learned a few lessons along the way. The first lesson was learning to put me first while finding peace and balance.

As my life took a few turns, it forced me to review my past mistakes and evaluate how I can avoid making the same mistakes twice or three times.  When you find yourself going down a dark road, one has to depend of the heavenly father for guidance out of darkness.  One must stay prayed up because the attacks are just distractions to keep you from walking into your divine purpose.

What’s new with me?  I have a new attitude about my life and what God has promised for me.  I have new stories to tell and new desires that I will share with the world when the time is right.  My stories that I want to share are inspirational, drama, mystery, hopeful, and love.  I have a new mission in life that came to me in a dream as I was going through my storm.  I am rebranding and restructuring my platforms to fit my purpose that has fallen upon my life.  God has a mighty plan for my life and he has shown me that my gifts will be well received.  I must not get discourage or afraid for he has already made a way for me.

I had to change my mindset about life, happiness, and what love really is.  I had to rededicate my love and heart to Jesus because I fell down.  Most importantly, I got up renewed mind and spirit filled with love, joy, and happiness. I had to accept that a man cannot give me happiness; he can be a part of it and a reason for my happiness.  I am the one who had to choose to be happy or miserable.  I choose to be happy and loved.

I walked into 2017 with new direction, new goals, a revitalized vision, a new mission, and a new love.  I will be Xtra Ordinary in 2017 as I walk into Greatness and Purpose that was ordained by the most high.  Get ready to be entertained.

  • Sistah’s Place Blog Talk Radio hosts interviews with celebrities, authors, and small business (launched 2/17)
  • Debut novel -Deceitful Secrets will be released late Spring 2017

  • Sistah Pearl- a collection of short stories that will have you laughing and inspired will be released September 2017.
  • Author Resource guide will be available June 2017.
  • Sistah’s Voice segment Blog Talk radio show starts late May 2017.
  • Sistah’s Creative Media collaborates with freelance Simone’s Digital World (April 2017)
  • Black Excellence Awards ceremony July 2017 -Sistah’s Place is award winner.
  • Book promotion interviews coming soon with announcements with digital/print magazines, radio, and blog talk radio interviews.
  • Book Tour dates will be announced in May 2017.
  • Transformation of Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog into online magazine (May 2017)
  • Addition of writers across multiple platforms

As you can see, I have been busy and there are some other hidden treasures for 2017 that will be announced at a later date.

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What am I reading in 2016?

What am I reading in 2016? I decided to create a list of books to read each week that will be fun, beneficial to me as an author, a business woman, and catch up on some of my favorite authors and read some new authors of interest that I had the pleasure to interview.

I figured I create categories lists that I can add my books of interest to and I am excited about this list.

  1. Finance & Wealth
  2. Small Business & Marketing
  3. Spiritual growth
  4. Christian
  5. Romance
  6. New authors
  7. Favorite authors

I finished reading Patrice Washingtons Real Money Answers For Every Woman and it was truly a great read with a wealth of information, knowledge, testimony, exercises, and questions that you can think about, implement, and practice.  It all starts with changing your mindset so that you change your practices and view about money and wealth.

Here is half of my list for 2016 and yes a few rolled over from 2015 that I didn’t get to since I am writing across platforms. This year will be better managing of my time for writing for myself and reading. As a writer and new author, I find that reading is important. It aids in the creativity of the writer and allows you to enjoy the stories of your favorite authors, new authors, and writers who have influeced you.

  1. Pastor’s Husband by Tiffany L. Warren  (Currently reading)
  2. Jezebel’s by Jacqueline Thomas
  3. Jezebel’s Daughter by Jacqueline Thomas
  4. Mama’s Boy by Reshonda Tate Billingsley
  5. Captured By Terri Haynes
  6. Ruth’s Awaekening: A Love Story by Felicia Malone
  7. Secret Places by Vivian Kay
  8. The Truth about Awiti by Christine Patrick
  9. Playing For Keeps by Deborah Mello
  10. Dr. Feelgood by Christian Keyes
  11. The Chronicles of Epiphany Jones by Kimberly R. Jasper
  12. Paradise Dreams by J.L. Turner
  13. Be Careful What You Pray For by Kimberly Lawson Roby
  14. Grand Opening: A Family Business by Carl Weber
  15. The Miseducation of the Negro by Carter Godwin Woodson
  16. Pink Lips & Empty Hearts by Heathery Lindsey
  17. The Wait by Megan Good & Devon Franklin
  18. No More Mr. Nice Guy by Carl Weber
  19. God Where is my Boaz by Stephan Labossiere
  20. The Perfect Affair by Lutisha Lovely
  21. Tell me Lies by Michelle Lindo Rice
  22. Scarlett Sinner by Brenda Barret

Now where would I be if I didn’t mention the business novels that I am reading that will truly be beneficial and an added value to my business.

  1. Outlining Your Novel from Start to Finish by K.M. Weiland
  2. Blogging for Writers & Authors by Robin Houghton
  3. How to Market a Book By Joanne Penn
  4. The Little Big Small Business Book by Friam
  5. Online Marketing for Small business by Julia Doherty
  6. Secrets of Millionaire Minds by T.Harv Eker
  7. Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach

I have more to add especially from some of my favorite authors like Brenda Jackson, Terry McMillian, and many of the new author’s that I have discovered through my author’s showcase on Sistah’s Place Entertainment blog.  Look for part II of what I am reading in 2016.  What’s on your list?