A Sister’s Scandal- a taste of power 

Deidra, the eldest of three girls is keeping secretes from her husband and her sisters.    The love that she holds in her heart for her family is strong as her siblings come to her for advice on dating and marriage.

Deidra is the sister that has it together and knows all the answers and is always helping family and friends out of their complicated life situations.  But what the family does not know is that Deidra is keeping family secretes, her husband’s secretes, and her very own secretes.  You can only keep secretes for so long before they resurrect themselves into the light.  What’s done in the dark has a mean way of surfacing into the light.  Who can she confide in?  Can she tell her husband or should she confide in her lover?  Conflict, Confrontations, drama, and fighting all results in keeping secretes.  Will they forgive Deidra?

All works published belongs to the author Letrise Carter (former pen name Maya Diamonds)

Note the title changed from Sister’s Secret to Sister’s Scandal. 

Copyrighted 2014-2015

Novel Synopsis- A Secret Crush- An Untold Love Story (2016 TBA)

synopsis of the anticipated new novel coming in 2016:

A Secret Crush -An Untold love story by Letrise Carter tells the story about a woman that falls in love with an amazing man who does not realize how she feels about him.  It’s the biggest crush since her college days. It’s a secret since she works with him and no one suspects her crush not even her best friend.  There is one problem though she has presented her feelings to him through expressions of admiration, appreciation, support of his career, and cute hints to get his attention.  Yet, he does not notice the small framed woman with glasses.  He does not even see her.

The love she has for him reaches deep down within her soul.  This man makes her soul smile and body excited just with his presence.  When he walks into a room it’s like electricity shooting through her body.  The man is fine as wine standing 6’5 with a chiseled body that captivates the eye of every woman within his presence.  He has a swagger that is unique to his signature walk and beautiful Colgate smile.  His smile lights up a room and makes Mia’s dark days her bright best days.  What must Mia do to get Chad’s attention let alone to get him to even notice her?

He never acknowledges her flirtations nor her support for his career and achievements until another man expresses interest in her relationship status. Dale is cut from a special cloth of sexy and fine all wrapped into one. Standing same height as Chadwith chiseled  body that is accented by his huge guns “arms” that one cannot resist watching him in that muscle fitted shirt he is wearing on the basketball court.

Does this sound like a novel you would be interested in reading?

All works published belongs to the author Letrise Carter (Copyrighted 2014-2015).

Photo credits:  courtesy of Pinterest/Beautiful Artwork