Deceitful Secrets Chapter 2

Here is a snippet of Revised Chapter 2 for you to read.

Chapter 2

Taylor pulls into the parking garage to her building downtown across from the Willis Tower.  It’s formerly known as Sears Tower to all of the true Chicagoans.  Reaching down into her purse, Taylor pulls out her phone to text Devin to not forget about their lunch date. She finds herself acting like his mama with the constant reminders otherwise, he will be late or forget.  I promise you sometimes I feel like I have a kid instead of a grown man that I call a husband. 

The nice thing about having an iPhone is you can see when the person is responding back to you.  He must still be in his meeting.  Taylor gets out the car to walk across the street to the office.  Prior to heading to security, she stops into Starbucks to get her a medium Peach/Mango Lemonade tea that they have with a banana walnut muffin.

Devin looks down at his phone seeing that his wife has texted him but does not reply to her.  He is meeting with Denise Thomas, a stripper from his best-friend Derrick’s bachelor party last month. I got a couple private dances while Taylor was out of town at two business events and conference last month.   Okay Denise I am here, you been calling me for a week at the office and then this morning you call my cell.  How did you get my cell number and work number?  I got it from one of the fellas at the bachelor party.  I appreciate the private dance last month, but you do know that I am married right?  What happens at a bachelor party usually stays at the bachelor party? 

Funny, you didn’t have on a wedding ring at the party.  Yes, I did have it on; you were not paying attention since you had your mouth and hands full.  Really, Devin… you’re going to go there… Ho… I mean Woman, why were you blowing up my phone? What do you want from me?  I was not the only man you gave a private dance to for $300 dollars.  Really, I didn’t give that many private dances that night…

Oh, you are tripping.  As a matter of fact, how much did you make that night?  I am just curious about your line of profession.  That is not funny Devin since you visited me three times last month. Yeah, I did and all three times you were on your knees.   Devin bursts out with a laugh… That is not funny! Actually yes, that is funny because you do know your trade and talent.  That is not my talent; I am an aspiring actress… Oh so you were acting last month? 

Woman, why in the hell am I here?  I finally answered your calls after you threatened to come up to my job.  Devin, shut up you’re going to pay me to be quiet about us. You are absolutely amazing.  A stripper ho who don’t know her place.  I strongly suggest you learn the guidelines and rules to being a “side piece”, “side ho”, “side chick”, oh and, “stripper”.  I don’t know any man who will make a stripper a wife and leave his wife for the stripper… What do you want, Denise? 

Well, if you let me get a word in then I can tell you what I want from you.  I knew it was something your ass wanted.  Do you think you got a good hand to play Denise?  I am not your average nigga to play with.  Really, Nigga… Devin look at me and here me well when I tell say, your little wife can find out about the three nights you visited me last month.  Wait, ho you got balls and courage to think you even got a playing hand.  You don’t so drop the dam act… You are not in charge here…

First thing, I need you to remember Denise for your future John’s, three nights out of a whole dam month don’t make your ass a gift, a treasure, or a side chick.  Second, you have nothing to gain with me being here right now.  Well, I am pregnant… Ho and you think your mouth work got you pregnant.  That is not my baby and I am not giving you one dam penny … what did you do?  Did you look my ass up to see that I come from a billionaire family?

 Yeah, that’s it because the buster that got you pregnant was one of your John’s hah-hah…  That is exactly why you stayed on your knees sweetheart…. I enjoyed your mouth work, but there will be no payout this way.  Find yourself another sucker and another fool.  Devin gets up and heads to the door, Denise turns around from the table and says… I can still tell your wife… Bitch go head… You got to get to her…. Hell… figure out who she is first then call my ass… You not that dam bright… Now, go google that…

She watched Devin walk out the café door and get into his car.  Mad and furious she hits the table.  The waitress comes over to ask if she wanted to order anything. Denise gives her that “Not now” look.  The waitress walks away.  Pulling out her phone, she calls Devin’s office and asks to speak to his brother Kelly Jackson.  She did her homework when she looked Devin up at Jackson Software Development Inc. 

The reception put her call thru to Kelly who was not available so she decided to leave a voice message.  She says I need to talk to you about your baby brother Devin.  Call me back at 312-555-3266 at your earliest convenience.  Better early than later if you know what that means for the good family name. 




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