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I am Letrise Carter a mother! I am more than a published author, writer, blogger, podcaster, digital creative, and entrepreneur. Most important, I am a Breast Cancer survivor and I plan to share my journey, my story, and my survivorship. Welcome to my world and my creative mind. I am driven by my purpose that is destined to leave a positive impact not just in my community, my family, but in the world.

I published Deceitful Secrets in 2017 and the much awaited second book in that series got placed on hold in 2019 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Now here we are in 2021, I have a new outlook on life and I my mojo for writing is back. Get ready not just for book two in the Deceitful Series , but many more stories that came into my spirit over the last two years. Journaling became my best friend during my two year sabbatical while undergoing treatment for the right breast in 2019 and left breast in 2020. Get ready for an adventure of of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, take a stroll through my creativity with Sistah’s Place Magazine and Podcast. In 2021, I changed my podcast name to Sistah’s Conversations and launched a book club for Sistah’s Place Book Club on Facebook.

I am here to inform, inspire, educate, empower, and to give hope to others who dare to rise above their circumstances.

“God is bigger than any cancer or disease. He always gets the last words.” Denise Walker

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While you are here, be sure to click the Blog Article tab where you can first two chapters of my novella Deceitful Secrets which is available now on Amazon.

  You can read poetry, inspirations, and my deep thoughts. Writing my first novels series on relationships entangled with drama, romance, deceit, love, and relationship issues that are relatable and realistic.

Author :

I have published my first novella in the Deceitful Series titled Deceitful Secrets on October 23, 2017.  My first journey as a writer has been a long and insightful experience that will make me better for the next novella in the series.  Letrise Carter has allowed her creativity to meet her wildest imagination to bring the stories that will make you laugh, cry, and even get made at certain characters.  Step into the mind of Letrise as she takes you on a journey into her creative storytelling.

Debut novella is Deceitful Secrets is drama and suspense with a few plot twist to keep you on your toes. Meet Taylor Jackson who is married to Devin Jackson.  Taylor and Kelly have a past that Devin knows nothing about.  Step into the world of the Jacksons as the drama unfolds and the secrets revealed along a journey of blackmail, scandal, and deceit waves it’s ugly head into the present.  One man holds the key to either destroying or saving a family.    What will happen when Devin finds out about Taylor’s past?   Read the first two chapters on the blog page.

Purchase directly from the book series website at http://deceitfulsecrets.com/

What are the readers saying?

“The storyline kept me on my toes the entire time. Just when u think the drama has subsided, Taylor and Devin, find themselves in more compromising situations. I can’t wait until the sequel to see how the story unfolds. ” Toni Laure

“This book will have you talking to yourself! I got so caught up in the characters and what they were going to do next. A definite page-turner! I can’t wait for the next book to come out. Great job Letrise Carter on your first novel. ” Renee Hackett


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