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Welcome to my Books page where you can ordered Autographed copies of my books Directly from me. All prices below include a flat rate shipping.

Lucy’s Faith- New Release date- September 21, 2021 -PRE-SALE Campaign Autographed copy now! Click below to purchase via PayPal. There will be Kindle amazon Pre-Sale link


Lucy’s Heart will release on November 29, 2021. The Amazon Kindle pre-order link is available now at

Lucy’s Heart

Two years later and Lucy has established herself as a resident in Chicago, Illinois. With the help of her sisters Carol and Mary Lou, Lucy graduates from an associate program earning a degree in Business Administration. Joins her sister’s church and meets Drew Jones at a singles ministry event. Will Lucy open her heart to a new relationship? Is she ready for love after two years of therapy? Will Drew win her heart?


Available Now and on Amazon

Lucy’s Worth

Lucy Mason: Lucy’s Worth, Part 1 Lucyʼs Worth is part one of a young woman’s desperate journey to find herself while trying to make it on her own. Faced with her first true relationship, Lucy’s long battle with low self-esteem will cause her to fall down a path with a dangerous man. Will Lucy be able to escape the trap that’s been set for her? She’s going to have to make the most important decision of her life — because her life depends on it!


Available Now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Bulb, and on

Deceitful Secrets

Debut novella is Deceitful Secrets is drama and suspense with a few plot twists to keep you on your toes.- Meet Taylor Jackson who is married to Devin Jackson.  Taylor and Kelly have a past that Devin knows nothing about.  Step into the world of the Jacksons as the drama unfolds and the secrets revealed along a journey of blackmail, scandal, and deceit waves its ugly head into the present.  One man holds the key to either destroying or saving a family.  What will happen when Devin finds out about Taylor’s past?  


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