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Welcome to my Books page where you can order autographed copies of my books directly from me. All prices below include a flat rate shipping.

Lucy’s Faith- Available Now on Amazon and Autographed copy now! Click below to purchase via PayPal. There will be a Kindle amazon Pre-Sale link


Lucy’s Faith-2nd installment in Lucy Mason Series

Now that she has a fresh start in Chicago, Illinois with her big sister Carol. Lucy’s faith will be tested and questioned as she seeks to heal in the next chapter of her life. Doors will open for Lucy and challenges will present themselves as she presses forward for a new beginning. Will she doubt herself? Will she learn to have faith in God and know that he will provide for her? Will she forgive Roger?


Lucy’s Heart will release in Winter 2022 -Check back for the release date on Amazon.

Lucy’s Heart

Two years later and Lucy has established herself as a resident in Chicago, Illinois. With the help of her sisters Carol and Mary Lou, Lucy graduates from an associate program earning a degree in Business Administration. Joins her sister’s church and meets Drew Jones at a singles ministry event. Will Lucy open her heart to a new relationship? Is she ready for love after two years of therapy? Will Drew win her heart?


Available Now and on Amazon

Lucy’s Worth

Lucy Mason: Lucy’s Worth, Part 1 Lucyʼs Worth is part one of a young woman’s desperate journey to find herself while trying to make it on her own. Faced with her first true relationship, Lucy’s long battle with low self-esteem will cause her to fall down a path with a dangerous man. Will Lucy be able to escape the trap that’s been set for her? She’s going to have to make the most important decision of her life — because her life depends on it!


Available Now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Bulb, and on

Deceitful Secrets

Debut novella is Deceitful Secrets is drama and suspense with a few plot twists to keep you on your toes.- Meet Taylor Jackson who is married to Devin Jackson.  Taylor and Kelly have a past that Devin knows nothing about.  Step into the world of the Jacksons as the drama unfolds and the secrets revealed along a journey of blackmail, scandal, and deceit waves its ugly head into the present.  One man holds the key to either destroying or saving a family.  What will happen when Devin finds out about Taylor’s past?  


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