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Look at what’s coming down the pipeline!

Deceitful-Secrets-5x8My debut novel is Deceitful Secrets.  Meet Taylor Jackson who is married to Devin Jackson while being best friends with Kelly Jackson.  However, Taylor and Kelly have a past that no one knows about especially her husband Devin.  Read the first two chapters on the blog page.  Release coming October 23, 2017.

Get your copy at

Deceitful Secrets Purchase Link

Deceitful Secrets Website Series

Deceitful Secrets 2:  Truth & Lies TBA sometime late 2020

Other Books Projects

Being an indie author myself, I have acquired some great advice along my journey as writing my first novel. Having my entertainment platform, it’s an honor to interview indie and national best selling authors from around the world.  They all give their tips and advice about becoming a best-seller and growing your brand awareness.

Well, I have compiled resources that are truly beneficial to indie authors for promoting their novel, book marketing, getting interview features in print and digit. The book will list valuable resources, a directory lists of book promoters, digital medial sources in print and online, influential bloggers, reviewers that will get your novel noticed to millions of readers across the many social media channels that will make your novels a success. This resource guide will be completed and available TBA 2021

I love writing short stories that have an inspiring message of hope and faith. Get ready for the series with Sistah Pearl who is a character that will remind you of “Madea”.  Sistah Pearl is a Christian woman who has experienced it all and along with her journey called life, the women that cross her path get advice sometimes they didn’t quite ask for.  Look for this short story out -TBA 2021

For now, this is a temporary book cover.  Meanwhile, Sistah Pearl has an inspirational blog website at

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