Black Women’s Health Blog Series

I am super excited to create a blog series about Black Women’s Health ranging from Breast Cancer, Fibroids, Anemia, diabetes, fibromyalgia, and so much more that affect Black Women. This series is very personal and dear to my heart because I am a recent Breast Cancer survivor, I battled with Fibroids, and I was anemic for years. I may not have PHD behind my name, but I had to learn to advocate for myself, educate myself, ask a LOT of questions, and get several 2nd and 3rd opinions from various medical experts.

I plan to share tips, holistic approaches, supplements I used that was referred to by medical professionals, advice on coping, and tricks that helped me survive and get to the status I am today as a survivor. I will be interviewing other women who will share their voice and experience with the hope of giving someone else courage to beat an illness, strength to survive treatment, and sisterly love to share the wealth of knowledge. Sharing with others is empowering and healing to the mind, body, and spirit.

My doctor at CTCA told me that I need to share “My Story” because it’s so unique. There is always someone else on the fence about not doing treatment or feeling alone. I want to share the things I did that got me through so many challenges faced as a Black Woman. We already feel like we don’t get the same care as our counterparts and I will talk about that too. Most importantly, I will share how to handle bias healthcare.

The purpose of this Black Women’s Health series is to help other women by sharing tips, advices, testimonial stories that will give hope, inspiration that you can beat the illness that is thrown before us. If you are a Black Woman who would like talk and share your journey, tips, advice, and testimony of triumph send me a message at for a Q&A interview.

The first blog in the series will post on June 7, 2021 about holistic approach for chemotherapy. I have so much to share about my experience with this particular topic and what I learn that will help Black women who do chemotherapy.

Are you ready for the Black Women Health Blog Series?

About the Author:

Letrise Carter holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s degree in Financials Management & Accounting.  Letrise works in Corporate America by day as a Fund Manager while building her small business as CEO of Sistah’s Place & Sistah’s Creative Media.  Letrise is a writer, podcaster, and magazine editor, and media manager. She published her first novella in 2017 titled Deceitful Secrets. After a 2-year break to focus on her health, Letrise published her first short story series Lucy Mason series with the first release Lucy’s Worth.  Letrise resides in the suburbs outside of Chicago with her daughter.

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