Helpful Resources for aspiring and new Authors

Being a new author, it’s always great to gather resources that are beneficial to yourself! I love sharing information because so many have shared valuable information with me especially websites and services to help authors like myself promote and market their books to bigger audiences and platforms. 

I have compiled a list of resources that are truly benedicial that I am incorporating into my marketing strategy for my upcoming novel and blog platforms. 

I am learning that it is important for an author to have a website and blog. It’s about building  and developing your brand, growing your audience, and investing in yourself. We need more than a marketing strategy but a social medial strategy. 

Websites that offer beneficial a services for free or for fee:

  • Book

Twitter influencers that will tweet your book:

  • @booktweet
  • @promotweeters #Authors #BookPromo
  • @amazingauthors
  • @bookbeartweets
  • @literary_Agents
  • @authorinfo

The goal of an author is to build, grow, and maintain your audience. It’s to engage with your readers and interact with them. 

As a new author, I am having the pleasure of learning from many of the authors that I have interviewed on my Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog showcase. Check it out at 

It’s a great feeling when authors share vital information that can help you become a better writer and best-selling author in your genre.

What I find interesting about the authors that I interview is how theyengage  and interact with their audience.  I have asked how they grow their followers and subscription list and most have said, engaging with their audience on their various platforms and doing book giveaways. 

Finding out where your target Audience hangs out is important.  Along with having a great marketing and social medial strategy has helped them to grow.  

Marketing your book is going to be key to your success whether you do self publishing it or go through a publishing company. 

Did you find this information helpful? Will have more resources for bloggers and as authors we should have a blog. As I learn of more resources I will share the wealth of information on my website here. 

I have an authors blog that talks soley about relationships at called Mia’s Relationship Chronicles. It’s fun way to talk about relationships from one of my characters alter ego. 

I also have a inspirational and testimonial blog that I share my own life experiences at Sistah’s Pearls of Wisdom 

Feature Photo source credits: Pinterest /BuzzFeed article

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