Welcom to My Author’s Page

Welcome to my author’s page.  I am transferring content from my former pen name blog Mya Diamonds.  I will be sharing excerpts from my new novel that is anitcipated coming out early winter 2016.  I will also being sharing some of my poetry, deep thoughts, and novel snippets. I am a freelance writer and blogger on a couple of blog platforms that you should check out on the Sisters Site tab.    I have a few projects that I am apart of that I will be sharing with my audience.

My first novel is Deceitful-Playing With Fire.  It’s a love story which is apart of a series that will take you on a journey of love, trials, deceit, scandal, drama, and most important love.  I will share synopsis from new novels in the works as well with my audience as we take this beautiful journey together.

I am very excited to be sharing my novels, events, book launching, interviews, and book signing in the coming months.

Dare to dream the impossible for anything is possible if you just believe and trust in God that you were created for Purpose and Greatness!

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