Black Women’s Health with Felecia Tucker

Welcome to my segment of Black Women’s Health with this month’s feature Felecia Tucker. She sits down to share her own testimony story that lead to an amazing win for her taking charge of her health. Felecia’s long battle with her health found her doing research looking for a resolution that will help not just her but many women around the world. Let me introduce to you a woman of strength, courage, and dedication. Meet my good friend since middle school Felecia Tucker an author of children’s books, an educator, and founder of Refresh a product that is hear to change women’s lives.

During my Q&A with Felecia Tucker, she is openly honest about her health issues and how she found resolution that would take her out of her comfort zone. God blesses those with vision for a reason and she did not obey the voice.

  1. What underlying health issue did/do you struggle with that you can share with other women? For about three years I dealt with excessive bleeding, first starting heavy in the first year and increasing as time went on. The doctors said I did not have a tumor or cyst or anything that would cause the bleeding. We tried everything including an ablation and in the end the bleeding would start again and oftentimes worse than before.
  2. What were the challenges or obstacles that you faced? One of the challenges I faced was needing to clean my vaginal area several times a day. This caused swelling, sensitivity, and sometimes it just hurt. I had to be mindful of fragrances and soaps because anything that caused my PH to be unbalanced caused a yeast or bacterial infection and sometimes vaginitis, this was on top of the excessive bleeding. It was an ongoing cycle that impacted my quality of life.
  3. Do you feel like doctors overlooked or didn’t understand your health concerns? It is always a concern whether or not a doctor is diagnosing correctly. When I started seeing my doctor in College Park she was amazing because she actually helped me.
  4. What did you do to take control of your health that you can share? I became very intentional about researching my condition. At first I really didn’t know how serious it was until I almost passed out and had to have the first of three blood transfusions.
  5. Were there any changes in diet or holistic approach that you took that you are willing to share? Even before this season of my life I was always mindful of my diet. I didn’t change much. I try to eat healthy and can’t think of anything that would have impacted this experience.
  6. How did you beat your health diagnosis or how did you resolve it? I actually had a partial hysterectomy. The doctors could not figure out why I kept bleeding and I was tired of being weak and sick. So I decided to do it and I am so glad I did.
  7. What are you doing differently today to stay healthy? I am very conscious of my diet and my weight. I try to stay on track as much as I can, by eating mainly fish. I hardly ever eat beef and never pork. I just started weightlifting and of course I continue to exercise. I have a therapist for my mental health, something I highly recommend.
  8. What advice would you give another Black woman who is going through what you have already experienced? Everyone is different and just understanding your body. Being honest with your doctor and your partner will help you make decisions that are best for you. Without my husband being involved I don’t know if I would have made the decisions that I did because I was so sick, he was a blessing through it all.
  9. Tell us about the product you created because of your health issue that would benefit all women? When the bleeding was so excessive and I was constantly cleaning and washing my vaginal area I started searching for an alternative to the big cotton towels. I searched and tried different fabrics. I finally tried bamboo and fell in love. I created the Refresh Towel. A small round gentle towel that feels awesome every time I use it. Not only is it gentle but it is antibacterial. This is important because it helps keep the vaginal PH balanced. Keeping the towels that you use on your face and body separate from the towels you use for your vaginal area just makes sense. I wanted to share my little towel with all women. It is so worth the investment to care for this very delicate area. My website is Refreshu.us and I can be found on social media by searching #refreshubrand or @refreshubrand I would love it if you all liked my pages and follow me.