Sister Sites

Visit my other blog platforms collaborations.

Sistah’s Place Entertainment Showcase at  is a blog that interviews best-selling and indie aruthors showcasing their projects.  Interview talented men in women in film, theater, and television.  Highligting their talents, gifts, and sharing their dreams for others to be inspire, informed, and entertained.

Sistah’s Pearls of Wisdom at is a inspirational blog that shares my own personal experiences and testimony to a journey of forgiveness, love, and self-discovery.

Sistah’s Blog at was the first blog platform created to be a voice in the community sharing real stories, relationships tips, business tips, and opinion driven rebutals on current events happening in today’s world.  Up close and personal with Sistah’s Place2 Inspiration and Empowerment for men and women.


Mia’s Relationship Chronicles at is a blog about Stories on love, drama, deceit seen in through the eyes of Mia Jones. Every now and then, a few relationship tips and advice!  

Maya’s Showcase at is a collaboration with 6 dynamic women that are purpose driving sharing stories about eductation awareness, relationships, deep thougths, black wallstreet, inspiration, interviews, reviews of movies, and beauty vs. you. To inform, educate, and entertain a targeted audience and readers.

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