New novel Snippet- Deceitful Secrets Chapter 1-Revised

Here is revised chapter  Deceitful Secrets first chapter of my novel that will be released September 18, 2017.

Deceitful Secrets

Chapter 1

Taylor walks out the master bathroom only to see Devin still asleep.  She calls out his name and he just moans at her.  He then looks over at Taylor wrapped in nothing but a white bath towel dripping wet.  Devin smiles and blinks his eyes to focus more only her naked silhouette body as Taylor drops the towel smiling and teasing. He motions her to come back to bed as every part of his body is completely awakened.  Taylor shakes her head no while giggling like a school girl.  Devin gives her “he not taking no” look and removes the comforter off him only to stand up completely naked as his tool of reasoning.  His caramelized six packs, gun packing arms and legs defined like a God.

Taylor is memorized by her husband’s gorgeous physic.  Oh, let’s not forget his picture perfect smile for days.   Taylor backs her way back into their bathroom slowly waiving her hands at Devin to stop coming towards her.  He laughs at her and continues walking towards her standing a heavenly 6’4 220 pounds of pure ecstasy. Devin knows his bedroom eyes and smile gets his wife in trouble every time.  Taylor’s has locked eye contact with Devin and she finds herself on the wall of their eloquent shower.  Devin aligns his body with her allowing her to feel the hardness of his manhood.  He whispers in her ear; I just need a sweet treat this morning… “You baby… Let me taste you.

Taylor replies, you’re greedy and you are going to make me late again.  Devin replies you are my wife and I can have you when I want you.  Taylor starts to moan as Devin has now positioned her in a unique stance where his manhood has entered her and she feels each stroke as her husband takes her on a morning ride of a lifetime.  Devin moves toward the shower faucet to turn it on to allow the hot water to hit their bodies as he lifts and strokes her in a hypnotic rotation that has Taylor moaning.  He knows when she is about to reach her peak so his strokes become faster and harder.

The best morning treat a man could get from his wife.  Devin smiles as they both reach their ultimate climax.  Afterwards, Devin watches Taylor’s 5’3 wet body walk out of the shower into their bedroom while he stays to shower.  She looks back at Devin and just smiles at him.  Now, I can get dressed for work and hopefully I can make it on time.  Yelling from the shower, you’re a boss, so why do you worry about stuff like that baby.  You know I don’t like being late Devin.  I have to set an example.  Are you complaining that you got some loving this morning?  No, I am not complaining at all.  Our sex life is amazing and I love you to pieces for it.  Devin pokes his head out the shower at his wife to say, I love you right back.

Taylor walks into their Master Closet to get dress as Devin steps out the shower.  He wraps a white towel around his waist and tip toes into the closet behind Taylor who is startled.  Devin laughs at her and spanks her on the butt.  Walking over to his side of their huge closet, he looks back at Taylor with a smile and says, “you up for round 3” … Rain check baby, we will get it in tonight as she snaps her black bra that matches her panties.

Ok, you know we should play hooky today and both be home sick.  Stay home, have lots of sex, eat, snack, sex, sleep, and eat again.  You know I love waking you up out your sleep.  Devin Jackson we are not skipping work today.  We did that our first two years of marriage and I think my boss caught on to my sick days in the middle of the week.  Hell, woman we been married for three years, you act like we your parents.  We are not like your parents, only having sexual relations on special occasions.  Your mama is wrong for that. Devin, stop that foolish nonsense out your mouth. You don’t know how many times my parents had sex.  Stop that, it’s disgusting…

You’re talking about my parent’s sex life.  Taylor Louise Jackson that is how you got here.  Hell, that’s how we both got here… it was not a wish.  Your pops had sex for sure with your mom at least three times.  What, Devin? Shut up!  I know this for a fact. No you don’t yes, I do… They got three kids right.  Taylor rolls her eyes at Devin and he laughs then they both find themselves laughing at his crazy sense of humor.

Taylor is finally dressed wearing her wide leg black pants with a silk print blouse that compliments her.  Now Taylor looks in the mirror trying to decide if it will be a neutral eyeshadow or color that will pop to accent her honey color eyes.  Devin stands their admiring his beautiful wife while she unwraps her hair after applying her make-up.  Taylor looks up at him from the mirror to catch him starring at her in amusement.  Devin says, you are so beautiful.  I would have never imagined a girl like you marrying a guy like me.  I am a bad boy from a damn good family, but that didn’t matter to you.  You loved me anyway!

Sometimes I tell myself, I don’t even think I am worthy to be your husband.  Bae, why are you saying those things? No, reason just no reason.  Well, I married a good man with a good heart and head on his shoulders.  Well, I am done with my face.  Do you have time for breakfast?  No, I got to meet Kelly for a breakfast meeting downtown that I might be late getting to.

Well, okay then don’t be late, you know how your father is about promptness.  Yes, I know Taylor don’t remind me.  I might be a little late for dinner but we can meet for lunch today a 1pm.  Is that good time for you?  Yes, let’s meet down by Navy Pier and eat at one of those restaurants.  Let’s meet at DMK Burger Bar & Fish Bar at 1pm. Ok, honey, text me if you’re running late then I will order drinks for us.  Taylor, I promise I will let you know if I am running late… I promise baby.  Okay, well I am going to make me some breakfast.  Oh, I see you greedy this morning Devin replies while laughing.  Taylor turns around and says, I have not eaten yet, Devin! Yes, you have; you had me this morning.  He grins from ear to ear. You are crazy, and she walks out the room.

Taylor gets down stairs to the kitchen and turns the Keurig machine on to make her one cup of coffee while she prepares herself a bowl of hot oatmeal with fresh strawberry and bananas cut up in her bowl.  As she sits down to eat her mini-breakfast, Devin comes down stairs looking sexy and handsome in his tailored suit.  In her mind, she is like; this man can truly hang and wear a suit, especially chocolate… Hell any color looks good on him.  Smiling at her husband and reminiscing back to when they first met.  Lost in deep thought, Devin sneaks a kiss and Taylor laughs.

You remember how we met?  Yes, I do. You came to my game with my brother Kelly.  Who would have thought I would have married the Capitan of the Grambling’s State Tigers Basketball team?  You know you were showing out on the court trying to impress me. Devin makes himself a cup of coffee to go.  Then he chuckles a laughs at his wife’s comment and replies no, I was trying to see if you and my brother were together as a couple.

Really, I was never Kelly’s type.  Woman, my brother doesn’t have a type… he just likes a certain kind of woman… She laughs at him and says, that’s a type no matter how you define it honey.  You and your brother are a hot mess at times.  Yes, but you love us both… All the creole and black in the world couldn’t stop you from loving all this finesse and good hair.  Oh we full of ourselves this morning, I see.  Ha-ha…Well, baby I love to continue going down memory lane with you, but I got to go or I will be late.  Devin kissed her good bye and walks out the door.

Finishing her oatmeal, Taylor sits smiling about the good old days of how she met Devin.  How she would ride to Louisiana with Kelly from Loyola University in Chicago for spring break, homecoming, and let’s not forget championship games.  She really thought Devin was going pro to play for the Chicago Bulls. That was one of his biggest dreams.  To play on the team of his all-time favorite player Michael Jordan, until reality checked it and his name was Thomas Jackson her business focused father in law.  He slapped Devin with reality when he didn’t get drafted into the NBA.  Mr. Jackson had rules in his house for his two sons.  You get an education and you can work for his company, or work for someone else’s dream.

Meanwhile, there is a knock at the door that startles Taylor a little bit.  She yells out, who is it?  She gets up to peak out her small window next to the kitchen patio, to discover her brother-in law Kelly at her door.  Being funny, Taylor yells again, who is it?  It’s me Kelly… Taylor is like come in… Kelly, what are you doing here? Kelly walks in the door with a big smile on his face.  Taylor says; wipe that smile off your face, Devin left about forty-five minutes ago to meet you for a business meeting in the city.  Kelly, has to think quick because he was picking Devin up this morning to make sure he didn’t miss the meeting or be late to the meeting like he was last week Tuesday.  Really, he must have forgotten I was coming to get him to make sure he was going to be on time.  Kelly, brushes his 6’5 muscular body past Taylor on purpose.  You didn’t cook this morning sis… No hot meal for your husband.   Taylor looks at his body language and just nods her head ok, I know he was late last week too.

Don’t worry I got you, remember he has been on his best behavior.  Well, I better go.  Kelly walks over to give Taylor a kiss on the cheek… she leans back and says, I know you tripping this morning right… I am married to your brother.  We are not cut buddies in college anymore.  Oh, yeah that very special relationship that we shared in college.  Being sarcastic, Kelly looks and reminds Taylor: Yeah, right the one my brother whose name is Devin was unaware of the previous relations that went on between us.  It’s our big secret that we swept that special friendship under the rug.  Yeah, yeah, okay.  Kelly asks, do you realize at some point you should probably mention that to my little brother.  Taylor rolls her eyes at Kelly and points him to the door so he can leave.  Her eyes say, get the hell out.  She tells him … Now you just being rude and disrespectful.

How? Please explain that to me Sis. Kelly, you promised me on my wedding day that Devin will never find out about our little mid-night runs.  Not all of them were at mid-night runs “Tay” … Don’t call me that!  I am still tripping that you married my little brother.  You and I were cut-buddie, Kelly nothing else and nothing more.  Okay, we were friends too. But you do know the definition of a cut buddy right… Let me help you, a friend with benefits… no strings, no attachment, just sex when we needed one another to fulfill a need.

Well, dam Taylor, then there was a lot of “needing” going on between us 4 to 6 times a week. Waiving his hands and head as he walks toward the door, Kelly turns around and says, it’s too many dam Deceitful ass secrets walking around here.   Well, just keep your dam mouth shut and live in the present and stay out the dam past, then there won’t be anything deceitful let alone will there be secrets lingering behind closed doors.  Don’t you got a dam meeting to get to?  Kelly slams the door without saying a good bye to Taylor.

She looks up at the clock to see that it’s going on 7:30am.  The joy about her job is that she can jump on I-88 straight shot to work.  So, she figures she better make her way out the house if she wants to get to work by 9am with the Chicago traffic.  Who knows what the interstate will be like?  Some mornings it moves and other mornings hit gridlock just before I-355.

Heading out the door finally, her cell phone rings and it’s her assistant reminding her about the 10 am meeting this morning.  Taylor informs Melody that she will get there in time for her meeting with Mr. Davis.  Driving out her driveway, Taylor is bothered by Kelly’s nonchalant attitude about their past.  She has to talks with herself to make sense and to calm her nerves.  She says out loud as if someone is in the car with her, he better keep their past relations to himself. He always reminding me about what we did then and how/why I should tell Devin. It’s better coming from me then to come from someone else.

Someone else just needs to mind their business and get a life.  He got a lot of nerve.  He will pay for his mouth acting like a little ‘bitch’ this early in the morning.  We vowed to take this secret to our graves and dam it… that is exactly what’s going to happen.  My wedding vows mean more to me than Kelly Jackson.   I have to make sure Kelly keeps this secret and honors his promise to me… shit but how in the hell am I going to do this?…. Think Taylor… Big mama said, the past always has a way of coming back to the present.  Not this time.



Deceitful Secrets has a new release date

Deceitful Secrets has a new release date set now for September 18, 2017.  It has been a long journey with this novel to see the final birth of my first novel. I am very excited to share this with all of my avid readers, supporters, and new fans.

Deceitful Secrets will be a part of a series that will keep you coming back as the drama/mystery unfolds.

I have picked a new book designer to create a spectacular book cover that will truly grab your attention. I am excited to be working A well know author who offers book design services under her business.  I will release her information once we share the new book cover next month around May 16th.

I am planning a book blog tour, interviews magazines, book promoters, influence bloggers, and late summer/fall book signing tour. This is going to be a phenomenal year for me as writer and published author. I am a woman who feels empowered by God’s grace and mercy. I have walked into my Devine purpose and destiny. Follow your dreams and believe in you.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for the special book giveaway to 5 lucky readers and the date will be announced across social media.  Have you signed up?

What’s new with me?

What’s new with me?  Life sometimes causes you to hit a few walls and few stumbling blocks along the way.  In doing so, lets me know that I am working on something great that must be released and shared with the world.  Though I may have experienced a few setbacks that delayed publishing my novels, I have learned a few lessons along the way. The first lesson was learning to put me first while finding peace and balance.

As my life took a few turns, it forced me to review my past mistakes and evaluate how I can avoid making the same mistakes twice or three times.  When you find yourself going down a dark road, one has to depend of the heavenly father for guidance out of darkness.  One must stay prayed up because the attacks are just distractions to keep you from walking into your divine purpose.

What’s new with me?  I have a new attitude about my life and what God has promised for me.  I have new stories to tell and new desires that I will share with the world when the time is right.  My stories that I want to share are inspirational, drama, mystery, hopeful, and love.  I have a new mission in life that came to me in a dream as I was going through my storm.  I am rebranding and restructuring my platforms to fit my purpose that has fallen upon my life.  God has a mighty plan for my life and he has shown me that my gifts will be well received.  I must not get discourage or afraid for he has already made a way for me.

I had to change my mindset about life, happiness, and what love really is.  I had to rededicate my love and heart to Jesus because I fell down.  Most importantly, I got up renewed mind and spirit filled with love, joy, and happiness. I had to accept that a man cannot give me happiness; he can be a part of it and a reason for my happiness.  I am the one who had to choose to be happy or miserable.  I choose to be happy and loved.

I walked into 2017 with new direction, new goals, a revitalized vision, a new mission, and a new love.  I will be Xtra Ordinary in 2017 as I walk into Greatness and Purpose that was ordained by the most high.  Get ready to be entertained.

  • Sistah’s Place Blog Talk Radio hosts interviews with celebrities, authors, and small business (launched 2/17)
  • Debut novel -Deceitful Secrets will be released late Spring 2017

  • Sistah Pearl- a collection of short stories that will have you laughing and inspired will be released September 2017.
  • Author Resource guide will be available June 2017.
  • Sistah’s Voice segment Blog Talk radio show starts late May 2017.
  • Sistah’s Creative Media collaborates with freelance Simone’s Digital World (April 2017)
  • Black Excellence Awards ceremony July 2017 -Sistah’s Place is award winner.
  • Book promotion interviews coming soon with announcements with digital/print magazines, radio, and blog talk radio interviews.
  • Book Tour dates will be announced in May 2017.
  • Transformation of Sistah’s Place Entertainment Blog into online magazine (May 2017)
  • Addition of writers across multiple platforms

As you can see, I have been busy and there are some other hidden treasures for 2017 that will be announced at a later date.

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Deceitful Secrets Chapter 2

Here is a snippet of Revised Chapter 2 for you to read.

Chapter 2

Taylor pulls into the parking garage to her building downtown across from the Willis Tower.  It’s formerly known as Sears Tower to all of the true Chicagoans.  Reaching down into her purse, Taylor pulls out her phone to text Devin to not forget about their lunch date. She finds herself acting like his mama with the constant reminders otherwise, he will be late or forget.  I promise you sometimes I feel like I have a kid instead of a grown man that I call a husband. 

The nice thing about having an iPhone is you can see when the person is responding back to you.  He must still be in his meeting.  Taylor gets out the car to walk across the street to the office.  Prior to heading to security, she stops into Starbucks to get her a medium Peach/Mango Lemonade tea that they have with a banana walnut muffin.

Devin looks down at his phone seeing that his wife has texted him but does not reply to her.  He is meeting with Denise Thomas, a stripper from his best-friend Derrick’s bachelor party last month. I got a couple private dances while Taylor was out of town at two business events and conference last month.   Okay Denise I am here, you been calling me for a week at the office and then this morning you call my cell.  How did you get my cell number and work number?  I got it from one of the fellas at the bachelor party.  I appreciate the private dance last month, but you do know that I am married right?  What happens at a bachelor party usually stays at the bachelor party? 

Funny, you didn’t have on a wedding ring at the party.  Yes, I did have it on; you were not paying attention since you had your mouth and hands full.  Really, Devin… you’re going to go there… Ho… I mean Woman, why were you blowing up my phone? What do you want from me?  I was not the only man you gave a private dance to for $300 dollars.  Really, I didn’t give that many private dances that night…

Oh, you are tripping.  As a matter of fact, how much did you make that night?  I am just curious about your line of profession.  That is not funny Devin since you visited me three times last month. Yeah, I did and all three times you were on your knees.   Devin bursts out with a laugh… That is not funny! Actually yes, that is funny because you do know your trade and talent.  That is not my talent; I am an aspiring actress… Oh so you were acting last month? 

Woman, why in the hell am I here?  I finally answered your calls after you threatened to come up to my job.  Devin, shut up you’re going to pay me to be quiet about us. You are absolutely amazing.  A stripper ho who don’t know her place.  I strongly suggest you learn the guidelines and rules to being a “side piece”, “side ho”, “side chick”, oh and, “stripper”.  I don’t know any man who will make a stripper a wife and leave his wife for the stripper… What do you want, Denise? 

Well, if you let me get a word in then I can tell you what I want from you.  I knew it was something your ass wanted.  Do you think you got a good hand to play Denise?  I am not your average nigga to play with.  Really, Nigga… Devin look at me and here me well when I tell say, your little wife can find out about the three nights you visited me last month.  Wait, ho you got balls and courage to think you even got a playing hand.  You don’t so drop the dam act… You are not in charge here…

First thing, I need you to remember Denise for your future John’s, three nights out of a whole dam month don’t make your ass a gift, a treasure, or a side chick.  Second, you have nothing to gain with me being here right now.  Well, I am pregnant… Ho and you think your mouth work got you pregnant.  That is not my baby and I am not giving you one dam penny … what did you do?  Did you look my ass up to see that I come from a billionaire family?

 Yeah, that’s it because the buster that got you pregnant was one of your John’s hah-hah…  That is exactly why you stayed on your knees sweetheart…. I enjoyed your mouth work, but there will be no payout this way.  Find yourself another sucker and another fool.  Devin gets up and heads to the door, Denise turns around from the table and says… I can still tell your wife… Bitch go head… You got to get to her…. Hell… figure out who she is first then call my ass… You not that dam bright… Now, go google that…

She watched Devin walk out the café door and get into his car.  Mad and furious she hits the table.  The waitress comes over to ask if she wanted to order anything. Denise gives her that “Not now” look.  The waitress walks away.  Pulling out her phone, she calls Devin’s office and asks to speak to his brother Kelly Jackson.  She did her homework when she looked Devin up at Jackson Software Development Inc. 

The reception put her call thru to Kelly who was not available so she decided to leave a voice message.  She says I need to talk to you about your baby brother Devin.  Call me back at 312-555-3266 at your earliest convenience.  Better early than later if you know what that means for the good family name. 



What am I reading in March that is Inspiring?

What am I reading that is inspiring? I am reading Tyrease Gibson “How to Get Out Of Your Own Way”.  This book is awesome and truly inspiring and I can related to some of the chapters as they have you sitting back thinking about your life, your business,your dreams, and your vision, and your career.

As I was reading his book, I decided to share some information from the book that is mind blowing and empowering. We all have been there or know someone who has been in the scenario or environment.

Here are some tidbits to get out of your own way so that you can walk into your purpose and excel to having a better life.

  1. How much do you love yourself?
  2. Are you a master of your environment?
  3. Who are your 5 people?
  4. What is your purpose?
  5. Are you ready for the next level?
  6. What’s your bottom line?

These of course are chapter titles that I actually make you think about your answers as Tyrese goes into details and use examples.  I can honestly sit answer these questions with ease because all these questions are apart of growning so that you can go to the next level.  I love me enough to eliminate negative people out of my life who are not adding value to my life.  Now, I have heard the question a couple years ago regading who are your 5 people in your cirlce.  I had to look back at the people in my life and truly examine those five people.  I discovered my purpose 2 years ago and it’s been an amazing journey.  It’s true when you walk into your purpose there will be some folks that you leave behind and some who will never understand your position or purpose.  I relate Tyrese’s bottom line with, what’s your tolerance level.  As you mature, your tolerence for ignorance, bull crap, negatie energy and negative talk from people will have a zero tolerane.  It’s important to surround yourself with people doing what you would love to do or trying to get into.

More to come on this book and getting out of your own way.  That wonderful friend some call Self-sabotage creeps into opportunities that cross your paths.  It’s time to get out of your own way so that you can have a better life.  I have 3 chapters left and this just hit my heart.  You know when it comes to you, one must keep writing.   Think about the questions above?  Can you honestly answer them?

Photo Credit source: Amazon

What am I reading in 2016?

What am I reading in 2016? I decided to create a list of books to read each week that will be fun, beneficial to me as an author, a business woman, and catch up on some of my favorite authors and read some new authors of interest that I had the pleasure to interview.

I figured I create categories lists that I can add my books of interest to and I am excited about this list.

  1. Finance & Wealth
  2. Small Business & Marketing
  3. Spiritual growth
  4. Christian
  5. Romance
  6. New authors
  7. Favorite authors

I finished reading Patrice Washingtons Real Money Answers For Every Woman and it was truly a great read with a wealth of information, knowledge, testimony, exercises, and questions that you can think about, implement, and practice.  It all starts with changing your mindset so that you change your practices and view about money and wealth.

Here is half of my list for 2016 and yes a few rolled over from 2015 that I didn’t get to since I am writing across platforms. This year will be better managing of my time for writing for myself and reading. As a writer and new author, I find that reading is important. It aids in the creativity of the writer and allows you to enjoy the stories of your favorite authors, new authors, and writers who have influeced you.

  1. Pastor’s Husband by Tiffany L. Warren  (Currently reading)
  2. Jezebel’s by Jacqueline Thomas
  3. Jezebel’s Daughter by Jacqueline Thomas
  4. Mama’s Boy by Reshonda Tate Billingsley
  5. Captured By Terri Haynes
  6. Ruth’s Awaekening: A Love Story by Felicia Malone
  7. Secret Places by Vivian Kay
  8. The Truth about Awiti by Christine Patrick
  9. Playing For Keeps by Deborah Mello
  10. Dr. Feelgood by Christian Keyes
  11. The Chronicles of Epiphany Jones by Kimberly R. Jasper
  12. Paradise Dreams by J.L. Turner
  13. Be Careful What You Pray For by Kimberly Lawson Roby
  14. Grand Opening: A Family Business by Carl Weber
  15. The Miseducation of the Negro by Carter Godwin Woodson
  16. Pink Lips & Empty Hearts by Heathery Lindsey
  17. The Wait by Megan Good & Devon Franklin
  18. No More Mr. Nice Guy by Carl Weber
  19. God Where is my Boaz by Stephan Labossiere
  20. The Perfect Affair by Lutisha Lovely
  21. Tell me Lies by Michelle Lindo Rice
  22. Scarlett Sinner by Brenda Barret

Now where would I be if I didn’t mention the business novels that I am reading that will truly be beneficial and an added value to my business.

  1. Outlining Your Novel from Start to Finish by K.M. Weiland
  2. Blogging for Writers & Authors by Robin Houghton
  3. How to Market a Book By Joanne Penn
  4. The Little Big Small Business Book by Friam
  5. Online Marketing for Small business by Julia Doherty
  6. Secrets of Millionaire Minds by T.Harv Eker
  7. Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach

I have more to add especially from some of my favorite authors like Brenda Jackson, Terry McMillian, and many of the new author’s that I have discovered through my author’s showcase on Sistah’s Place Entertainment blog.  Look for part II of what I am reading in 2016.  What’s on your list?